The 13 Air Law Conference in Dubai

In the dynamically evolving field of aviation law, a significant event is scheduled to take place on October 18, 2024, in Dubai — the Thirteenth Air Law Conference. Organized by the National Air Law Association, the Institute of Air and Space Law, and AEROHELP, the conference serves as a platform for knowledge exchange among leading experts in the aviation industry.

The conference, conducted in Russian and English, aims to attract a wide range of participants seeking in-depth insights into current aviation law issues. Attorneys Group, as a partner of the event, offers a unique opportunity for networking among participants and access to qualified legal assistance.

Traditionally, the conference draws representatives from key players in the aviation industry:

- Aviation authorities from various countries, including transportation ministries, federal agencies, and regulatory bodies responsible for legislation and oversight in civil aviation, gather to discuss flight safety, regulatory framework improvements, and harmonization at the international level.

- Air traffic management organizations, including air traffic control centers and air navigation service providers, showcase their innovations in airspace management, discuss modern technologies enhancing flight safety and efficiency.

- Leasing companies from major aviation lessors discuss financing trends in the aviation industry, review new leasing models, and exchange regulatory experiences with airlines.

- Leading insurance companies specializing in aviation insurance present their programs, discuss current issues in aviation risk management, and introduce new insurance products protecting airlines from financial losses in aviation incidents.

- Operators from major airlines discuss industry challenges, share operational experiences, discuss new technologies, and programs aimed at enhancing flight safety.

- Airport leaders from major airports worldwide discuss modern trends in airport infrastructure development, share experiences in passenger flow management, present new technologies and services aimed at making travel more comfortable and safe.

- Representatives from leading aviation training centers discuss modern methods of pilot training, present new programs and courses, and discuss trends in aviation education development.

- Aircraft owners, both private and commercial, discuss legal aspects of aircraft ownership and operation, examine insurance, leasing, and aircraft maintenance issues.

- Leading aviation equipment manufacturers present new aircraft and helicopter models, discuss trends in aviation industry development, and share experiences in the development and production of modern aviation systems.

- Consulting companies specializing in aviation present their services, discuss current issues in the aviation industry, and offer solutions to enhance the efficiency of airline operations.

The conference provides a unique opportunity for networking, experience sharing, and finding new partners in the field of aviation law. Discussion platforms will be organized during the conference where participants can share their knowledge, discuss current issues, and find solutions to complex challenges.

The Thirteenth Air Law Conference is not just an event but a platform for shaping the future of the aviation industry.