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The legal advisers of our lawyer's office provide the clients with a deep legal support. They are experienced in management of key court cases in aviation industry, solve legal issues connected with defense of the rights of aircraft staff, with purchase/sale, lease, and registration of aircrafts, licensing and certification procedures in the field.

We provide the airline companies, airports with a legal support in all regions of Russian Federation. We draw up the documents and responses to the queries, manage various transactions including lease of aircrafts, settle disputes with creditors, contractors, cope with complaints and claims made by passengers, act for and on behalf of our clients in the government authorities and defense their rights in the court.

Also, perform a legal examination of sales transactions with aircrafts, lease agreements at international level. We cooperate with the largest airline companies.
Morozov Yury
Senior partner
Work experience over 15 years. He is entered into Registry of Chamber of Lawyers of Moscow with the number 77/10777.
The main specialization is air law.
Our Services
Attorneys Group offers individual services tailored to a specific situation, which allows our clients to best solve their problems and count on business success in the long term.
Defense of Rights of Aircraft Staff
We defense the infringed or interfered rights of aircraft staff – the personnel providing flight management and service. We consult the staff of airline companies, airports on the law matters coming out from performance of their duties.

The legal advisers of our lawyer's office have depth of experience in labor disputes with aircraft staff in various regions of the Russian Federation. We work for resolving claims in the most favorable way for our clients. We have litigated the controversies in the senior judicial authority – Supreme Court of Russian Federation.

One of our successful terminations of cases is a challenge against the decrees of Federal Air Transport Agency as to cancelling of the pilots' licenses and refusal to grant them.
Appeal of Decisions of Government Authorities with Respect to Aviation
Certain considerations concerning the aviation industry require government intervention which can be performed in different ways. Resulting from such cooperation between the representatives of airline companies and government authorities, there may be controversies which can be settled by the legal advisers of our lawyer's office to the benefit of our clients and within the law.

If by action or omission of the government authorities the rights and liberties of the airline companies, airports, and their staff are infringed, we are ready to fight the issue in court including the court of highest resort. We provide the legal opinion as to judgements, find the most efficient ways to appeal against them, prepare the required documents.

In case of dispute, we act for and on behalf of our clients in this process both under administrative procedure and before a court.
Registration of aircrafts and legal transactions with them
Under the International conventions on civil aviation, all civil aircrafts must be registered. Also, the registration of the aircrafts should be registered when they are bought, sold, pledged, and involved in business in any other way.

The legal advisers of our lawyer's office render services of registration of aircrafts in the Russian registry and within the other jurisdictions like Aruba, Bermuda Island, Bahama Island, Northern Ireland. Our lawyers will prepare the documents needed for registration, perform an expert examination of the deals for their legality and clean title, prove that there are no conflicts between the rights which have been registered up to the current moment, file the required documents to the registration body. We manage the transactions and registration of the aircrafts itself on turnkey basis.
Lease of Aircrafts
The legal advisers of our lawyer's office will perform an expert examination and management of the deals connected with lease of aircrafts, help choosing the variant suiting the client's needs to the utmost from a legal perspective.

We manage the deals of operating and financial lease in accordance with Russian and English law. We mitigate the risks resulting from nonfulfillment of obligations by one of the parties. In case of disputes concerning the lease, we act for and on behalf of our clients in courts.
Licensing and certification
Some activities in the sphere of aviation can be performed only on condition that there are the corresponding licenses and certificates.

The legal advisers of our lawyer's office provide the services of preparation of the documents required by the licensing authority to get licenses, certificates, proving the compliance of the company's activity with the current legislation.

Our lawyers assess preliminarily whether the licenses and certificates can be granted, support the clients at any stage of this procedure. Also, we are about to render assistance in cases of certificate, license suspension or cancelling.
Legal Representation When the Investigation of Aviation Incidents is Performed
In case of aviation incidents, the investigation must be performed for the purpose to take measures to find the causes, remove them and prevent in the future.

Those events require the legal advice at all the stages of the process. We take personal charge of interaction with the enforcement authorities, commission, appointed to investigate the incident, with the insurance companies and law courts, protect the interest and rights of our clients.
Criminal practice
There are risks in aviation industry. The criminal cases can be initiated in relation with the tax evasion, illegal business operations, specified in Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation, with transportation and storage of goods and products, which are out of keeping with the safety instructions, described in Article 238 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation, and also in relation with rendering of services and performance of activities, which infringe the law in force.
The legal advisers of our lawyer's office stand in defense of the accused (suspect) in the pre-trial stage and in the courts at different levels. We examine the case information, asses the prospects, and suggest to try variant solutions.
We act for and on behalf of our clients in all respects. Our lawyers have a good track record in providing clients with legal defense when there is the basis for essential elements for offence
Opening Representative Offices
We can help a foreign company (except for non-profit organizations) to register (accredit) its representative office or branch.

We will
  • prepare regulations on the representative office or the branch
  • collect the necessary documents
  • fill in the relevant application
  • file the set of documents to the tax authorit
    Working with Claims
    We understand that the airlines' priority is a high level of service for passengers and cargo clients; however, when a client makes critical comments, claims, and complaints, we can help protect the company's interests and retain the client.

    Upon receipt of a claim from your client, we collect all the necessary information and prepare a reasoned response.

    According to our statistics, promptly providing a legally motivated response reduces the risk of a passenger going to court by 78%.

    Having received a claim addressed to the airline, we proceed as follows:
    We assess whether the rules for filing a claim against the airline are respected.

    We examine the claim filed against the airline. E.g., in case of claiming a financial compensation, we analyze whether the necessary supporting documents have been provided; whether the deadline for filing a claim has been met.

    Following the results of studying the documents, we give our recommendations on resolving the dispute with the most optimal conditions for the airline and minimizing recurrence risks.

    We prepare a legally motivated response sent to the passenger, which reduces litigation risks.

    Customs Disputes
    In case of a dispute with the customs authorities, we can resolve:

    • disputes on imposing tax sanctions (fines, penalties);
    • disputes on collecting customs duties; special, anti-dumping, compensatory duties, interests, and penalties;
    • disputes on evaluating the customs value of goods;
    • disputes related to appealing against customs authorities' decisions;
    • disputes on the classification of goods imported into the territory of the EAEU.
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