Russia and China Join Forces in Civil Aviation Development: The Establishment of a Fund to Boost the Industry

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has announced an ambitious project in collaboration with China – the establishment of a Civil Aviation Development Fund with a total value of 100 billion rubles. This fund will focus on investments in aviation enterprises and projects located within Russia and China, all conducted in the respective national currencies.

The fund will also provide support for both existing and prospective projects within the aerospace industry, digital and energy-efficient technologies, as well as those involving "big data." Investments in projects situated in both Russia and China will be distributed equally.

Yury Morozov, the attorney and aviation expert of the Attorneys Group law office, is confident that Russia and China have the potential to achieve significant synergistic effects in the field of civil aviation production. The fund will provide Russian and Chinese companies with the opportunity to attract investments for expanding their production capabilities and developing new models of aviation equipment and technologies. He also underscores that the fund's investments will contribute to increasing deliveries of Russian products to the Chinese market.

Pooling resources is always a promising solution, especially in the civil aviation sector, where advanced technology and significant financial resources are required. However, as practical experience has shown, not all collaborative projects may meet the expectations placed upon them.