"Russian Legislation Advances: New Laws Impacting Aviation and Transport Security Approved by State Duma"

Today, the State Duma adopted in the third reading Law No. 808041-7 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation." This law grants the Government of the Russian Federation the right to issue acts establishing specific deadlines for the entry into force of regulatory legal acts, different from those specified in the Federal Law of July 31, 2020, No. 247-FZ "On Mandatory Requirements in the Russian Federation."

The law also specifies the list of subjects, legal entities subject to mandatory certification, and expands the competence of the executive authority responsible for developing state policy and legal regulation in the field of civil aviation, including the approval of a number of federal aviation rules.

Additionally, the Air Code of the Russian Federation is supplemented with two new articles. The first is Article 75.1 "Obtaining permits for aerial photography and/or other methods of remote sensing of the Earth from the aircraft and the use of the materials obtained." The second is Article 88 "Search and rescue of distressed or disaster-affected aircraft, their passengers and crews, astronauts, as well as people suffering or experiencing distress at sea."

These changes also affect the Federal Law of February 9, 2007, No. 16-FZ "On Transport Security." According to these amendments, transport security unit personnel are granted the right to prevent the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles to protect against acts of illegal interference with transport infrastructure objects.

The adopted law must undergo approval by the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, be signed by the President of the Russian Federation, and published for general information.